Third CHMD Workshop: History & Ethics of Human Reproduction & Embryo Research

On 10 December 2004 the Centre for the History of Medicine and Disease, University of Durham (UK), Queen’s Campus, Stockton, runs a workshop on “History & Ethics of Human Reproduction & Embryo Research”.

The aim of this workshop is to discuss the historical value decisions as well as the interest groups that have influenced and shaped debates and practices surrounding human reproduction and the embryo in the course of the twentieth century and up to today. The workshop will bring together Historians and Philosophers on themes such as abortion, birth control practices, infertility, IVF, embryology, and embryonic stem cell research. We are particularly interested in discussing the historical and intellectual links between these fields, in Britain as well as in Germany.

The workshop is supported by the Wellcome Trust.


12.00 Get Together and Buffet Lunch 13.15 Holger Maehle (Durham): Welcome and introductory remarks 13.30 Charlotte Augst (London): Making laws about reproductive medicine — a German/British comparison 14.30 Christine Hauskeller (Exeter): The scientific and public debate on stem cell medicine in Germany and the UK. Different histories — different ethical discourses 15.30 Coffee/Tea Break 16.00 Nick Hopwood (Cambridge): “Ourselves unborn”? Human embryology before IVF 17.00 Christina Benninghaus (Bielefeld): Displaying expertise: advice literature for infertile couples from the 19th and 20th century 18.00 Short Break 18.15 Gayle Davis (Glasgow): Abortion law reform and the Scottish medical community, c. 1960-1980 19.15 Lutz Sauerteig (Durham): Concluding remarks

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