Third Spring School on History of Science History of Science and Publicizing: Cinema Maó (Minorca), April 14th – 16th, 2005

Cinema began in the midst of a wealth of technical innovations that, at the end of the 19th Century, modified contemporary society’s life and perception of science and technology. In fact, film can be analyzed from different points of view: as a technological development which promptly and efficiently permeated the cultural milieu, as a source of science and technology images and representations, or as a popularization vehicle for science. Accordingly, we think that film constitutes an essential field of study for historians as well as for other professionals such as educators, journalists, filmmakers, scientists, engineers, museum curators and archivists. As in previous occasions, our School is addressed to students, postgraduates and specialists of all these professional backgrounds.

This Third Spring School will delve into:

-Cinema as a technological development: its origins and first stages as a means for research, documentation, artistic unfolding and science popularization -The construction of a public image of science and technology in cinematographic fiction. -Scientific film as a pedagogical tool and as an agency for science popularization -Resources and proposals developed in our geographical area in the context of the connections between film theory and practice and the public perception of science and technology.

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Full fee payment is due by March 4th, 2005. Limited space.

Scholarships are available for postgraduate students, research students and unemployed graduates (including registration, stay and travel expenses from Barcelona) Application, enclosing resume and support letter, must be sent by March 4th, 2005 to Pepe Pardo (Email: [email protected])

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