A one day conference at the University of Salford, on ‘Thomas de Quincey, Medicine and Manchester, 1785-1859’, on Friday 4th December, 2009. Speakers will include the following:

Peter Kitson (University of Dundee) ‘Mr De Quincey and Dr White: The Racial Politics of Manchester Medicine’
Grevel Lindop ‘Confessions and Case Histories: De Quincey and the Medical Sublime’
Robert M. Maniquis (UCLA), ‘De Quincey and Psychology: the Palimpsest and the Rise and Fall of the “Unconscious”’
Julian North (University of Leicester), ‘De Quincey’s Autobiography and the Technologies of Resurrection’
Evy Varsamopoulou (University of Cyprus), ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy: A psychogeography of Thomas de Quincey’s London’
Alex Murray (University of Exeter), ‘Fearing Origins, Erasing the Present: On De Quincey, Victorian Astronomy, and Experience’
Robert Morrison (Queen’s University, Canada), ‘De Quincey’s Addiction: Doctors, Drugs, and Derrida’
Daniel Sanjiv Roberts (Queen’s University, Belfast), ‘City and Country in Thomas De Quincey’
Sue Chaplin (Leeds Metropolitan University), ‘Thomas de Quincey’s Gothic: Klosterheim and The Avenger’
David Higgins (Leeds University), ‘’De Quincey, Lamb, and the “Inner Eye”’
Gavin Budge (University of Hertfordshire), ‘Medicine and Modernity in Thomas de Quincey: Cosmic Toryism and the Psychologizing of History’
Gillian Daw (University of Sussex), ‘”Affecting to the Imagination”: Thomas de Quincey and the Great Nebula in Orion’
Debbie Harrison (Birkbeck), ‘A Romantic hangover: the sublime legacy of de Quincey’s Confessions in the Victorian narrative of addiction’

Registration forms (to be submitted by 13th November) can be found at http://www.iscpr.salford.ac.uk/iscpr/news/article/?id=41.