Three PhD Studentships in Philosophy/HPS at  University of Leeds

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Leeds is pleased to announce three new PhD studentships for 2009-2010. Two studentships are funded through the AHRC’s Block Grant Partnerships Scheme. An additional Departmental studentship is funded at a rate equivalent to that of the AHRC awards. Note that these studentships are in addition to the three dedicated studentships which have already been awarded.

The closing date for receipt of applications for the studentships is 24 April 2009. The awards are conditional on successful application for admission to study for PhD in the Department.

For studentship application forms and details please contact Jenneke Stevens
[ mailto:j [dot] m [dot] stevens [at] leeds [dot] ac [dot] uk ][email protected]<[ mailto:j [dot] m [dot] stevens [at] leeds [dot] ac [dot] uk ]mailto:[email protected]>

To apply for admission to the Department of Philosophy see
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For research in the Department of Philosophy at Leeds, see
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For additional information on funding in the Department of Philosophy see
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For academic enquiries about Postgraduate study at Leeds, please contact Professor John Divers
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The following three studentships are available:

Two AHRC PhD studentships in Philosophy.

One Departmental PhD studentship in any area of Philosophy or History and Philosophy of Science. This studentship covers full fees and maintenance at AHRC levels.

Additional studentships may be available for candidates interested in pursuing research in any area covered by the Department of Philosophy at Leeds.

Students interested in studying Aesthetics or the Philosophy of Art at Leeds should note that the British Society of Aesthetics is offering a PhD Studentship in this area. For information on the BSA award, see [ ]

The Department operates a professional training and development scheme for postgraduates: as part of this scheme, successful applicants are often given the opportunity to undertake teaching, which is paid at an hourly rate. The Department also offers its PhD students financial support for conference attendance.

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