CALL FOR PAPERS: 4 December 2009 – On Saturday 30th January 2010 the School of Historical Studies at the University of Leicester will host a one-day workshop on ‘Transcending the Boundaries: doctoral research across disciplines’.

The workshop aims to attract research students from a variety of academic disciplines, with the intention of building lasting connections between approaches, projects, departments and universities. There will be sessions on themes such as ‘Art, material culture and the built environment’, ‘Conceptual approaches to research’ and ‘Sources: old and new’.

The School would like to hear from PhD students whose work relates to these themes, and whose research engages with material of ideas from outside the obvious confines of their discipline. While the workshop will have a substantial historical focus, speakers should not be hindered by this requirement.

Papers will be 20 minutes long and should discuss research conducted by the presenter and be of interest to historians – but beyond that be creative! Abstracts should be submitted to Matt Neale ([email protected]) by Friday 4th December 2009. Funding for travel costs incurred in attending the workshop will be available for speakers.