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The British Society for the History of Science Travel Guide is a unique resource. On one hand a travel guide, yet on the other a collection of short and snappy histories. I don’t know of any other travel guide catering specifically to those with an interest in science and its history. And it’s rare to find a set of histories of science aimed at the general reader. I’d definitely recommend it as a starting place for students and teachers.

It’s also filling up fast, with everything from classics such as Down House in England to lesser-known gems such as the Palace of Medicine in Mexico City. A pleasure to write for and a fab idea.

James Poskett is a recent graduate of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge. He graduated with a first class degree in 2010 and now writes freelance having completed features for both the Royal Society and Wellcome Trust.

The BSHS Travel Guide is a great way to invite all sorts of people to retread the history of science. With around 4000 views per month, what better and more genuine way for academics to increase the impact of their research?

Charlotte Sleigh is senior lecturer in History of Science at the University of Kent. She has special interests in the history of biology and natural history; in literature and science; and in science communication.

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