Trinity Term 2009 Seminar Series
Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, 
Seminar Room, 47 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6PE

The following seminars will begin at 2.15pm
Coffee is available from 2.00pm

Medicine, Surgery and Culture

Week 1 – 27 April
Anna Marie Roos, University of Liverpool/University of Oxford
A Whiff of Alchemy: Early Modern Conceptions of Smelling Salts

Week 2 – 4 May
Bank Holiday – No Seminar

Week 3 – 11 May
Alun Withey, University of Swansea
A Silent Partner? Wales and the Wider Medical World c. 1600-1750

Week 4 – 18 May
David Wright, McMaster University
Worse than being married: The Exodus of British Doctors from the National Health Service to Canada, c. 1950-1975

Week 5 – 25 May
Bank Holiday – No Seminar

Week 6 – 1 June
Cathy McClive, University of Durham
Menstrual Time and the Blood of Stigmata in Early Eighteenth-century France

Week 7 – 8 June
Valentina Pugliano, University of Oxford
I cannot but love and honour all virtuosi, but above all those belonging to this profession: Apothecary-naturalists in Early Modern Venice and London

Week 8 – 15 June
Elizabeth Hunter, University of Oxford
A medicine proper and peculiar: Religious Melancholy and the Paradox of Despair in Early Modern English Spiritual Physic

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