University of Bologna – PhD Fellowships, Science, Technology, and Humanities

Location: Italy
Institution Type: College/University
Position Type: Doctoral Fellow
Submitted: Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Main Category: History of Science/Medicine/Technology
Secondary Categories: World History
Social and Cultural History
Religious Studies
Political Science/International Relations
Media Studies
Intellectual History
Global Studies
General Social Sciences
Fine Arts
Early Modern History
Communication/Mass Communication
Business and Economic History
A PhD programme in Science, Technology, and Humanities (STH) was launched in 2007 by the University of Bologna (Italy) in cooperation with the Universities of Exeter (United Kingdom) and Konstanz (Germany).

The three-year programme combines fields like the history, philosophy, and sociology of science with an emphasis on “knowledge societies”.

The professors and researchers supporting the programme belong to a wide range of disciplines, including the history and philosophy of science, the natural sciences, engineering, medicine, economics, and literature (see the programme webpage:

Students will be enrolled in one of the three participating universities, and will be encouraged to spend part of their three-year course of study at another university.

Two doctoral fellowships are being made available by the University of Bologna, beginning in January 2010. The deadline for applications is 18 September 2009.

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Contact Info:
G. Pancaldi
Via Zamboni 38
40135 Bologna
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