Research Fellowships in the Library of the New York Academy of Medicine 2005-2006 Academic Year

Each year, The New York Academy of Medicine offers the Paul Klemperer Fellowship in the History of Medicine and the Audrey and William H. Helfand Fellowship in the Medical Humanities to support work in history and the humanities as they relate to health, medicine, and the biomedical sciences:

The Paul Klemperer Fellowship in the History of Medicine supports research using the Academy Library’s resources for scholarly study of the history of medicine.

The Audrey and William H. Helfand Fellowship in the Medical Humanities supports work in the humanities, including both creative projects dealing with health and the medical enterprise, as well as scholarly research in a humanistic discipline —other than the history of medicine— as applied to medicine and health.

Each Helfand or Klemperer Fellow receives a stipend of up to $5,000 to support travel, lodging and incidental expenses for a flexible period between June 1, 2005 and May 31, 2006. Each Fellow will be expected to make a public presentation at the Academy and submit a final report. Applicants may compete for either the Klemperer or the Helfand Fellowship, but not both. We invite applications from anyone, regardless of citizenship, academic discipline, or academic status.

Online, visit the web address given below for application forms and instructions. For those unable to access the forms through the web, address your requests for application forms or further information to the mailing address provided. Email: [email protected]. Potential applicants are encouraged to visit the Academy website ( to acquaint themselves with the Academy and its library. When using the online catalog of the Academy Library, please be aware that entries for a considerable portion of the collections have not yet been converted to electronic form.

Deadline: Applications must be received by March 1, 2005. Candidates will be informed of the results by April 30, 2005.

The New York Academy of Medicine is a not-for-profit educational institution established in 1847 to enhance the health of the public. With its membership of 2,700 leading practitioners, medical researchers, administrators, health sciences educators and other health care professionals, the Academy is a leader in addressing issues important to health in the United States, especially problems associated with urban environments. The Academy maintains one of the largest medical libraries in the United States with a collection of more than 700,000 volumes, 275,000 portraits and illustrations and 183,000 pamphlets. The Historical Collections Department contains 50,000 volumes in the history of medicine, science and other health-related disciplines. Of these, rare materials dating from 1700 B.C. to the twentieth century number approximately 32,000 volumes. The general collections of the Library include one of the world’s largest collections of literature on clinical medicine and related fields for the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century. Office of the Academy Historian Christian Warren, Ph.D. New York Academy of Medicine 1216 Fifth Ave. New York, NY 10029 212-822-7314

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