UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies is working with UCL Outreach to deliver a summer school for Year12 students: Science and Society

This highly interdisciplinary course is an excellent choice for science students who enjoy discussions about science’s relationship to society, and for humanities students who want to learn more about how science works. You will learn about the history of science, looking at how medieval alchemists’ experiments led to the creation of the modern periodic table. You will learn about the scientific method ­ how discoveries and breakthroughs are made, the difference between ‘true’ sciences and ‘pseudo’ sciences, and how we can assess the validity of scientific hypotheses. You will explore the representation of science in the media, looking at good and bad examples of science journalism and interviewing a journalist from The Guardian. You will debate ethical issues in science, exploring drug development in the pharmaceutical industry: should ‘big pharma’ companies invest in research for HIV drugs, cures for the common cold or drugs that extend the life of cancer patients? This course will stretch your mind and get you thinking about science from different perspectives.

Details: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/sts/summer

The application process currently is underway.

This runs on six successive Wednesday evenings at UCL through June and July, from 16:30 to 18:30. The programme won a HELOA award for Innovation and Best Practice in January 2013. This programme is part of UCL’s access agreement. We will only consider applications from Year 12 students who attend state schools in Greater London and neighbouring local authorities, who are academically able and who come from lower-income families or families with no history of higher education.

Deadline for applications and reference: 5pm on Wednesday 17 April 2013 UCL Outreach will send decisions on applications by Friday 26 April 2013.