BSHS members might be interested to receive an update on the progress of an Oral History of British Science which has been running since late 2009 as part of National Life Stories with the British Library. A total of 92 interviews have been completed or are underway amounting to over 900 hours of recordings. These cover the Made in Britain (computing, aerospace, civil engineering, materials, instrumentation) and Changing Planet (earth sciences, atmospheric science, climate change) strands. Of these 55 interviews are already available via the British Library Sounds website to a worldwide audience as streamed audio files along with transcripts. Here you can also access an additional six life-story interviews previously recorded for other NLS projects. These include interviews with Maurice Wilkins, Max Perutz, Joseph Rotblat and Brian Flowers. We continue to add further interviews on a regular basis.

Full summaries of completed interviews, including those not yet available on Sounds, can be accessed through the British Library Sound and Moving Image Catalogue,

Edited extracts from seven video interviews are now available on the British Library YouTube Channel The most recent of these shows Joseph Farman demonstrating the Dobson spectrometer, the instrument used by his team to detect the hole in the ozone layer.

Our blog continues to grow and includes reflections on the interview process and some edited extracts from interviews.

The project website will be launched in summer 2013, providing a curated introduction to the collection.

A related project, an Oral History of the Electricity Supply Industry, is also underway and plans to carry out a total of around 45 interviews covering the activities of those who worked in the industry or were closely involved in its development.

Further information about both projects can be obtained from [email protected].