Issue #101 features the history of emotions: Thomas Dixon’s tearful feature article (1-3) explores the science of weeping in the Shakespearean age; Katy Price (7) introduces an extraordinary and moving astronomical poem by William Empson; and Chris Millard uses the Lost Emotions Machine to recreate past emotional states with public audiences (4). The winners of the 2012 Great Exhibitions competition also discuss their displays, both the ‘Tables of the veines, nerves, and arteries’ on show at ‘Curious anatomys’ at the Royal College of Physicians (5), and ‘Codebreaker: Alan Turing’s life and legacy’ at the Science Museum (6-7). Wahida Amin reports on Romantic Chemistry at the Royal Society (11); Sean Johnston reviews A Little History of Science (10). Charlotte Sleigh is the interviewee (15). As well as reports from BSHS-sponsored conferences and a preview of iCHSTM 2013.

Viewpoint 101 [5.2Mb, pdf]