Viewpoint 93

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Viewpoint 93

350 years of the Royal Society

Commemorating the 350th anniversary of the Royal Society in 2010, #93 includes a feature article from Alexander Wragge-Morley (1-3) on one early FRS, Thomas Willis, and how he made the brain visible. Jeff Hughes tells of plans for the South Bank Science Centre that never was (6), in one possible alternative history for the Royal Society. Felicity Henderson gives more details of the year of commemorative events (7) and Nicky Reeves and Rebekah Higgitt review, respectively, the book and exhibition produced in the anniversary year (8-9). Jim Bennett is a very entertaining interviewee (14) – including how Tony Benn and a blackboard conspired to provide his best (and worst) career moments.

Viewpoint 93 [1.8Mb, pdf]

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