The Scholarly Societies Project, founded in 1994 and located at, is devoted to facilitating access to information about scholarly societies across the world. It currently contains information about over 4,000 scholarly societies.

A subsection of the Project is entitled Repertorium Veterrimarum Societatum Litterariarum = Inventory of the Oldest Scholarly Societies, which covers scholarly societies that were founded up to the year 1829. This is an area rich in information about societies that were active during the eighteenth century. It is located at

Over 250 of the societies mentioned in this area have associated history pages, which include basic historical information for the society, as well as information on the major journals published by the society, including references to full-text archives of the volumes, where appropriate.

Of particular interest is the abbreviations area, which lists contemporaneous journal-title abbreviations and gives links to the history pages where the corresponding journals are described. This area includes the vast majority of abbreviations used in the pre-eminent index to journal articles of that time period: the Repertorium Commentationum a Societatibus Litterariis Editarum, Secundum Disciplinarum Ordinem, compiled by Jeremias David Reuss and published in 16 volumes from 1801 to 1821.