BSHS President Professor Greg Radick writes:

There’s a chill in the air; the December BJHS arrives in the inbox; virtual snow falls gently on the BSHS website… Winter’s come to Britain, and with it the latest edition of this quarterly newsletter from the BSHS, which we hope finds you well (and warm).

You named it, and now you’ve chosen the first winner of the BSHS’s new Ayrton Prize, recognizing excellence in the making of digital resources in the history of science, technology and/or medicine.  I’m delighted to announce that, out of an exceptionally strong field, the Prize has gone to the British Library for its wonderful Voices of Science project.  Many congratulations to Sally Horrocks and colleagues involved in this outstanding example of digital scholarship in action, and congratulations too to all of the projects on the shortlist.

Below you can find out more about the Ayrton winner and competition, along with other BSHS news and developments, including:

• a last call to register for the annual BSHS Postgraduate conference, this year hosted in Cambridge in January

• a reminder about the call for proposals for the 2016 Three Societies meeting taking place in June in Edmonton, where – and this is hot off the press – the keynote speakers will include Larry Principe (Johns Hopkins) and Aileen Fyfe (St Andrews)

• a related reminder about how to apply for £750 in support of travel to this major meeting (the BSHS has set aside more than £20,000 to help our members participate)

• information about how you can influence the selection of the most influential articles in the field, for the benefit of Chinese readers

• an advertisement for the new part-time role of BSHS intern: ideal for postgrads and postdocs looking to become more involved with the Society as it seeks to raise the profile of our field with wider publics

• information about how you can influence the selection of the most innovative and important scholarly book in the field published between 2013 and 2015, by sending in nominations for the BSHS’s Pickstone Prize (self-nominations are absolutely fine!)

• a call for proposals to host one-day funded BSHS meetings over the course of 2016

There’s more happening and more to say – see the summary of deadlines of various sorts at the bottom below – and so a great deal to feel upbeat about.  But, even for the relentlessly upbeat (and why else ask an American to do this role if not for that?), it’s OK to dial it down from time to time.  I want to close by noting, in sadness, the unexpected passing a few weeks ago of a brilliant teacher and friend to many of us, John Forrester.  Whether you knew him or not, you will know him better after reading this lovely tribute by Simon Schaffer.