“Women in Technological History” [WITH]: Travel Award

The SHOT [Society for the History of Technology] Special Interest Group “Women in Technological History” [WITH] has created a special new travel grant for the annual SHOT meeting. The WITH Travel Award seeks to encourage the intellectual wealth brought by underrepresented perspectives and/or by scholarship treating modes of difference including but not limited to gender. This award aims to help raise the interest of scholars and graduate students from constituencies underrepresented in SHOT — whether from countries outside Europe and the US, or minority voices in more familiar places — and foster the exchange of ideas between cultures. It will help broaden the intellectual scope of our field by supporting papers that especially consider questions of gender and ethnicity in the history of technology.

The award will pay for conference registration (including a year’s membership to SHOT), WITH breakfast or lunch, grad student breakfast (if appropriate) and awards banquet; any remaining funds will be available for travel expenses.

The award shall be granted to individuals who are giving a paper at the annual meeting. In order of priority the award will be granted to:

(1) a scholar or graduate student new to SHOT who represents a group underrepresented in SHOT and whose paper addresses issues of gender, race or ethnicity in the history of technology;

(2) a non-US, non-western graduate student or scholar new to SHOT presenting on any topic.

The deadline for paper-proposals is March, 15th 2005. For more information see the SHOT-homepage: http://shot.press.jhu.edu/Annual_Meeting/Annual_Meeting_Main_Page.htm. The application deadline for the WITH Travel Award will be June 1, 2005. For more information about the WITH Travel Award, see the WITH-homepage: http://www.udel.edu/History/gpetrick/with/index.htm or contact Martina Blum ([email protected]).