The first Needham Research Institute seminar this term will take the form of a mini-workshop:

Friday May 6: Workshop: “Imperial science in early and mid-Qing China”

Catherine Jami (CNRS, Paris; Churchill College & NRI, Cambridge): “The integration of Western science into imperial scholarship during the Kangxi reign (1662-1722)”

Han Qi (IHNS, Beijing): “A dialogue between an imperial mathematician and the emperor: Chen Houyao’s (1660-1722) mathematical career during the Kangxi reign.”

Shi Yunli (USTC, Hefei; NRI, Cambridge): “Social forces behind the Chinese version of the Newtonian theory of the Moon—-The Yuzhi lixiang kaocheng houbian revisited (1722-1742).”

All presentations will be in English

The workshop will run from 2-5 pm. The Needham Research Institute is in Sylvester Road, behind Robinson College.