We organize a workshop on the relation between the early 18th century chemists in Europe and Stahl, at the Twelfth Congress of the International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (SIEDS) that will be held in Montpellier (France) from July 8th to 15th, 2007.

Historians of chemistry often introduce bonds between Stahl’s Chemistry and the French 18th century Chemistry only through the deformed reception of Phlogistic doctrines in the second half of the century. This approach does not seem very satisfactory: first because it reduces stahlian Chemistry to a particular aspect, second and foremost, because it neglects the exchanges which seem to have existed between Stahl and the early French 18th century chemists. For example, there are similarities between Homberg’s Sulphur principle and Phlogistic; or between stahlian Chemistry and Geoffroy’s doctrine of affinities. We thus propose to the historians of Chemistry who work over these authors or this period to confront their points of view and to exchange their information in order to make clearer the part of Stahl in the History of Chemistry of this time when 18th century European chemical thought was forming.

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