Call for papers for a workshop on  HEURISTICS IN PHYSICS

in Dec. 2010 in the Physics-Center, Bad Honnef near Bonn,  Germany

From Dec. 10-12, 2010, the Section for History of Physics and the  Working Group of Philosophy of Physics in the German Physical Society (DPG)  are organizing an international workshop on heuristics in physics. Here with we invite submissions of abstracts of minimum 1-page length for  30-min. talks to be presented during this workshop (in English only). Historical case studies of the use of specific heuristics in the history of physics from all periods, diachronic or synchronic comparisons, and more general philosophical analyses or classifications of heuristics in the physical sciences are equally welcome.

Invited plenary speakers include:

– Prof. Olivier Darrigol (CNRS, Paris) on heuristics of  early quantum theorists,

– Prof. Nancy Nersessian (Georgia Tech) on heuristics in Maxwellian electrodynamics,

– Prof. John Norton (Pittsburgh) on heuristics in Einstein’s special theory of relativity.

The workshop will take place in the Physik-Zentrum Bad Honnef, an impressive 19th-century mansion located on the banks of the Rhine and not far from the Drachenfels, one of the most picturesque rocks in the lovely Rhine valley. Conference fee will be EUR 120,- (whole conference) plus EUR 25,- per night for bed & breakfast for a limited number of registered participants – room reservations will be done on a first come-first serve-basis.

Please send all abstracts per e-mail to BOTH of the following two organizers of the workshop before June 15, 2010:

Prof. Dr. Klaus Hentschel (Head of the Section for History of Science and Technology, Univ. Stuttgart and substitute head of the section for history of  physics in the DPG): [email protected] AND Prof. Dr.Dr. Brigitte Falkenburg (Philosophy Department, TU Dortmund, and speaker of the working group for philosophy of physics in the DPG): [email protected]

The organizers will notify all submitters whether their offer for a talk has been accepted before July 15th, 2010.