Dear all,

We are running a workshop on municipal medicine on 1-2 July 2004 at St Edmund Hall in Oxford.

WE would like to invite you to attend (Attendance is free ie no cost for B&B, meals etc). Alternatively, please feel free to sggest the nmaes of any collaegues, PhD students etc who might benefit from attendance.

Our eventual aim is for aan output of an edited volume that that surveys the field in a structured fashion, rather than simply ‘the book of the conference).(As far as we are aware, this has not been attempted since Norman Wilson’s books of the 1930s and 1940s). This would ideally have 3 sections. The first would cover the different sectors of municipal medicine such as municipal general hospitals, infectious disease, MCW, TB, mental illness and mental deficiency. Each chapter would provide a broad overview of the sector from the beginning of modern local government to the NHS in 1948. The second section would examine the totality of municipal provision in case study areas. The third section would provide a broad overview of countries outside the UK.

———————- Martin Powell [email protected]