In 2008, the Museum of Science of the University of Lisbon will host the XXVII Symposium of the Scientific Instrument Commission (SIC2008).

The Scientific Instrument Commission (SIC) is part of the International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science (IUHPS). It aims at studying, documenting and preserving collections of scientific instruments and to promote their broader use in the history of science.

SIC2008 will bring together c. 120 of the most important experts of scientific instruments, as well as internationally renowned historians of science. It is the first time a meeting of this importance takes place in Portugal.

With SIC2008, the Museum of Science of the University of Lisbon aims to consolidate and deepen our knowledge about scientific instruments, promote Portuguese scientific heritage internationally and stimulate instrument studies among young Portuguese historians of science. The programme will include study visits to some of the most important collections of instruments in Portugal:

– Museum of Science, University of Lisbon

– Maritime Museum, Lisbon

– Museum of Metrology-IPQ, Lisbon

– Museum of Pharmacy, Lisbon

– Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon

– Collection of the Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon

– Cabinet of Physics of the Passos Manuel Secondary School, Lisbon

– Museum of the Academy of Sciences, Lisbon

– Museum of Physics, University of Coimbra

– Science Museum, University of Coimbra

– Collection of Astronomy, University of Coimbra

– Museum of Science, University of Porto

– Museum of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto

– Museu Parada Leitão, Instituto Superior de Engenharia, Porto

For more information, registration and call for papers:

[email protected]

SIC2008 is organised in collaboration with the Centre for the History of Science of the University of Lisbon