The history of veterinary medicine is a fascinating and multi-faceted field of enquiry that has attracted the attention of veterinarians, scientists and historians alike. The newly founded Young Scholars Award aims to stimulate and encourage the interest of younger researchers, in the hope that their work will illuminate the profession’s past, present and future development. The prize of € 1000 will be awarded to the best original essay on any topic of relevance to the history of the veterinary field.

Application requirements:

Applicants must not be older than 38 years. The award is open to scholars of all educational backgrounds. Submitted papers will be accepted either published (not earlier than Jan. 1st, 2006) or as manuscripts and shall be sent to the address of the WAHVM Board (see below). Papers must not exceed a size of 10,000 words and will be accepted in English, German, French and Italian.

Deadline for submission is December 31st, 2009. All submitted papers will be reviewed by a jury; deadline for decision will be March 31st, 2010.

The prize-winner will present his or her paper at the following World Congress of the WAHVM in Antalya, Turkey in 2010, where the prize will be awarded.

Additionally, travel expenses of the prize winner will be granted up to the amount of € 1000.

WAHVM, Executive Board:

Prof. Susan D. Jones Prof. Dr. Peter Koolmees, EEB, 100 Ecology Building IRAS Division Public Health & Food Safety, University of Minnesota Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

1987 Upper Buford Circle Utrecht University, St. Paul, MN 55108 P.O. Box 80 175, 3508 TD Utrecht, USA The Netherlands, [email protected] [email protected]