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BSHS Monographs publishes work of lasting scholarly value that might not otherwise be made available, and it aids the dissemination of innovative projects advancing scholarship or education in the field.

Editor of BSHS Monographs (email: [email protected]).


BSHS Monographs have been published since 1979.

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Purchasing BSHS Monographs

  • BSHS Monographs 13-14 and above are available for purchase directly via any bookseller
  • BSHS Monographs 12-14 are available for purchase directly from the BSHS print-on-demand service (link)
  • BSHS Monographs 1-14 are available in digital form and free download (link)

History of BSHS Monographs

For titles 1-5 the series editor was Dr R Smith, University of Lancaster; the series editor for 6 and 7 was Dr RG. Smith, University of Leicester; for titles 8-10 and the second editions of 1 and 4, the series editor was Dr PJ Weindling, University of Oxford. Dr JFM Clark, University of Kent at Canterbury, edited 11, Professors Janet Browne, James Secord and Hugh Torrens edited 12 and Dr John van Wyhe, University of Cambridge, edited 13. Professor Joe Cain edited 14, serving from 2008-2013, and oversaw the transformation of the series to a digital format.

Instructions to Prospective Authors

New proposals for monographs are not being considered at this time.